A family was driving through on of those safari parks where you can see giraffes and lions up close. You're not supposed to leave your vehicle because, duh, wild animals.

According to park officials in China, the woman who was mauled to death ignored repeated warnings to stay in the car. Check out the video of the tiger attack and then, below the video, find out what the woman was doing outside her car in the first place...

But, why were these people exiting the car inside a safari park in the first place?? Here's what the news report says:

The younger woman and the man are understood to have had an argument, at which point she stormed out of the car, reports Chinese media.

The older woman then followed her out - and was instantly attacked by the Siberian tiger.

Yep. They were having a spat and the younger woman pulled the old "I'm getting out of the car and then you've got to come apologize before I get back in" trick. Only, she didn't get mauled. The older woman, probably her mother, who was trying to get her back into the car became the tiger treat.