Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach recently dropped by our studio to talk about the band’s upcoming album Incarnate. We made sure to go deep with Jesse, talking about the album’s standout tracks, how mental illness affected Leach during the writing process and how he’s embraced the journey of the past four years.

Since Jesse Leach’s return to Killswitch in 2012, he’s reenergized the act along with KsE fans. Since Killswitch was partially into the writing process for Disarm the Descent when Leach returned, Incarnate is even more personal for the singer. “I can’t put out music that doesn’t have my blood, sweat and tears on it,” Leach says. “That’s what Incarnate is to me, it captured a moment in time for all of us in the band. I’m proud of it, man.”

Leach spoke about the album’s first single, “Strength of the Mind” and how he was between high and low mental states while writing the cut. He took the Bad Brains’ trademark positive mental attitude and attributed it to the song, as fans can surely hear. Jesse also spoke with us about “Hate by Design” looking further outward rather than inward. He took inspiration especially from systematic racism in politics and police brutality, so be sure to catch his views on those subjects in the clip above.

The central piece of Incarnate is “Embrace the Journey… Upraised,” so we asked Jesse if he’s satisfied with the way he’s been able to embrace the last four years of being back with Killswitch Engage. In short, the answer is yes and no, but he elaborates much further in our interview.

Check out our chat with Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach in the video above, and pre-order Incarnate (due March) at iTunes.

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