Kid Rock is getting a mixed reaction from fans for slaying a mountain lion during a recent hunting trip with Ted Nugent, who is an avid hunter and NRA supporter. Nugent stoked the fires a little by posting a photo of Rock online holding a mountain lion that had been shot during the hunt.

In his posting, Nugent wrote, "And what a grand conservation New Year it is! Hail my Motor City boy Kid Rock for saving all those muledeer elk and livestock by whacking this magnificent mountain lion. I can hear the brain dead squawkers already with their obscene denial that killing lions is wrong. It's legal, it's necessary, it's good, it's beneficial, it's a damn riot!"

In the same grouping of photos, Nugent showcased other hunters who also had taken out a pig and an Oryx. Nugent concluded by stating, "Praise the might life giving renewable protein/sport/trophy/Fun! 2015 be good good year so far!" The post can be seen below.


As expected, the post received opposing viewpoints from fans. A majority of the early comments on the post congratulate Rock for the kill, which is not a surprise as it originated on Nugent's site. But things eventually turned testy when anti-hunting commenters chimed in and a debate on the merits of hunting spilling out in the 4,000-plus comments.

Though Rock is a target of some of the barbs, he likely may not know about it. The musician stated in a recent interview that he doesn't "FaceTweet" and is not a big follower of social networking.