John Mellencamp's two teenage sons have been charged in a beatdown they administered on a Bloomington, Ind., resident last month on the guy's porch. According to TMZ, the Mellencamps, along with a pal, have been charged with felony battery with the incident.

The hometown paper, The Herald-Times, reports that 18-year-old Speck and 19-year-old Hud -- as well as Ty Smith, son of Indiana University baseball coach Tracy Smith -- approached the 19-year-old victim on his front porch on July 29. They then kicked, punched and stomped on the dude, who walked away with facial fractures and cuts that required stitches.

Apparently the attack was in response to an incident that happened at a party earlier that night. Speck was breaking up a fight between two girls (who, he claims, were arguing over him) and was struck by a man, who may or may not be the guy who later was on the receiving end of the Mellencamp boys' fists and feet.

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Just two months ago, the elder Mellencamp admitted that the shiner he had been sporting was the result of an altercation with Speck.  “My son and I had words, and he got a punch in and I didn’t,” the 'Hurts So Good' singer told David Letterman in June. “He’s 6’2″ and weighs almost 200 pounds.”