So far this year, we've had two of the best superhero movies ever. Deadpool and Captain America: Civil War immediately vaulted to the top of the my list of favorite superhero movies. Where exactly? I'm not sure, because that would a tough list to come up with. But I do know it is a great time to be a geek.

First, let's start with Marvel. Captain America is one of those franchises that somehow gets better with every movie. The First Avenger was an okay movie, but was one of the lesser movies from Phase One and even Phase Two. But The Winter Soldier came out strong, and now Civil War is possibly one of the best.

One franchise that seems to fade in quality as it goes on is X-Men. But next up we X-Men: Apocalypse.

We also have Doctor Strange coming out, which looks amazing.

Plus the two characters that really stole the show in Civil War have their own movies coming out in the next couple years. That would be Spider-Man: Homecoming next year, and Black Panther in 2018.

Now, on to DC. I wasn't the biggest fan of Batman V Superman. It just seemed like a jumbled mess to me. But it looks like they were setting up a possible Flashpoint timeline, which would be awesome. If you aren't familiar with The Flashpoint Paradox, it's an alternate timeline where everything in the future is different. Aquaman and Wonder Woman are at war, Superman is trapped in his ship, and Bruce Wayne is the one who was killed and his father is Batman. A hardcore, violent Batman.

DC is also going about it differently than Marvel. Where Marvel started with the individual movies like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, DC is jumping right into it and after a Wonder Woman movie, are going straight to Justice League, then individual movies for The Flash, Aquaman, Shazam and Cyborg.

But next up for DC, is Suicide Squad, which hopefully shows DC is on the right path. And it does look damn good.

And for the true geeks out there. Based on the comic, and one of the best Batman stories ever written, The Killing Joke is available on digital download July 23rd, and Blu Ray August 2nd.