It Lies Within have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the Flint, Mich. metalcore group has released the music video for "Trust in Yourself" with footage shot at the 2015 installment of their home state's Dirt Fest. The bad news is that the band is in danger of not being able to complete their current tour with Kissing Candice.

"Trust in Yourself" comes off It Lies Within's second studio album, Paramount, which was released in January of this year."This song is about believing in yourself and overcoming past addictions. Trust in yourself and leave your past behind," said singer Zachary Scott. The song open with some synthesizer melodies and lush atmospheric chords underneath, but heavily distorted guitars break the soundscape with slugging chugs. Shifting to thrashier elements, the band explores a multitude of sounds as the song continues, eventually showcasing the versatility of Scott when he utilizes his clean voice during the chorus.

Green sci-fi effects are laid over the band as they perform the song at Dirt Fest, giving a futuristic feel. Offering his thoughts on the video, Scott stated, "This video captures exactly who we are and our appreciation to the fans. We couldn't do this without them and a huge shout out to Dirt Fest for having us out!"

The 'Chillin and Killin'' tour began on Feb. 24, but It Lies Within are at risk of not finishing the tour due to severe problems with their van's transmission. The band established a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to save their van and continue the tour with Kissing Candice. An official statement reads:

Hey guys, we are stoked to be on the Chillin' And Killin' Tour with Kissing Candice... But due to severe transmission issues, it looks like we might not be able to finish the rest tour as of right now. We are posting this GoFundMe campaign to help us get our van back into shape so we can continue to provide YOU with more awesome shows! Please share this with your friends and family. It Lies Within you all!!

The trek will finish up on March 13 and donations can be made here to help ensure the quintet make it to the end. It Lies Within stated on their Facebook page that they intend on making it to the venue in Indianapolis, Ind. tonight (Feb. 29) for their scheduled show.

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