Video of a mostly topless woman dancing seductively — for no apparent reason, on the side of the road, in the middle of the day — to Bad Company‘s ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy’ is making the rounds on the video viral circuit and generally making us question humankind’s purpose on earth today.

Now as Gary Coleman taught us all, it’s different strokes that make the world go ’round, but this video from Kiss Casper presents a truly unique and bold spirit in action. Now granted, we’re probably a bit too guarded compared to most people — it takes a truly relaxed and safe atmosphere (and yes, maybe a stiff drink) to get us dancing in public.

But are we wrong for thinking there’s a happy middle ground between our somewhat uptight nature and this wild public display of immodesty? What the heck is she doing, why did it have to happen right then and there, and good golly, what made her take her shirt off?

The questions could go on for days — does she know she’s being filmed? Is she arguing with the cops in some sort of ‘Footloose’ tribute? Did she stage this whole thing to get exactly the kind of attention we’re giving her now? Will she now feel empowered to do something even more outlandish to keep herself in the news?

Only time will tell. In the meantime, well, here you go…

Watch a (Mostly) Topless Woman Dance to ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy’ by Bad Company