Iron Maiden concluded a lengthy trek across the globe with a headliner spot at Sonisphere on Saturday (July 5), unleashing a two-hour set that began with the classic 'Moonchild' from 1988's 'Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.'

"Tonight is the last night of a three-year tour," frontman Bruce Dickinson said from the stage. "It's all been building to this. If we don't get it right tonight, then we never will."

And they did, as the above video of 'Revelations' from 1983's 'Piece of Mind' shows, over a set that also consisted of favorites like 'Number of the Beast,' 'Run to the Hills,' 'Fear of the Dark' and 'Iron Maiden.' Encores included 'Aces High' and 'Sanctuary.' (A complete setlist is at bottom.)

As Iron Maiden left the stage, Dickinson took time to thank the crew and fans for "making it real," before briefly addressing what's next for the band: "What's coming in the next few years is going to make it more real for you guys, believe me."

Dickinson, earlier in the day, piloted a 1917 Fokker triplane as part of a World War I memorial event (footage below). He was joined by members of the Great War Display Team in staging an eight-plane simulated dogfight over a wood area near Sonisphere, while a live military brass band played.

Iron Maiden was also preceded on stage by Slayer and Anthrax, the latter of whom promised a new album of their own next year. Metallica is set to headline tonight (July 6), performing a by-request setlist chosen online by their fans. Alice In Chains will also perform.

Iron Maiden's July 5 Sonisphere Setlist:

'Can I Play With Madness'
'The Prisoner'
'2 Minutes To Midnight'
'The Trooper'
'Number Of The Beast'
'Phantom Of The Opera'
'Run To The Hills'
'Wasted Years'
'Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son'
'Fear Of The Dark'
'Iron Maiden'
'Aces High'
'The Evil That Men Do'

Watch Footage from Bruce Dickinson's Sonisphere Air Show