Having had big success with Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Netflix has moved forward with an Iron Fist series. Long story short, Iron Fist is about Daniel 'Danny' Rand, a white guy, who gains the power of the Iron Fist by defeating the dragon Shou-Lao the undying.

Now you might be wondering why I felt the need to point out the fact that Rand is a white guy. Well, because there were a lot of people who were upset (including a writer for Marvel) when they cast Finn Jones to play the Iron Fist in the new series. Why are they upset? Well that's because Jones is a white guy.

Let me reiterate that for you. It was a white comic book character, with a white guy cast for the role, and people are upset about it.

Basically there were a bunch of people who were hoping they would cast someone Asian in the role. That's fine. I honestly wouldn't have had a problem if they'd cast an Asian in the role. But I'm not going to cry racism just because they cast a white guy to play a character that's white. On the flip side I wouldn't have cried racism if they cast an Asian to play the role.

This has now gotten to the point of almost complete insanity. You might not like the casting decision, but don't cry race when they cast a white guy to play a white character. It's not like comics haven't changed up characters before. Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Green Lantern, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel and even Thor (Girl) are all characters who have in some way shape or form changed.