450 illegal pork tamales were seized from a passenger at LAX. The passenger admitted to bringing in the tamales but when asked if they contained pork, the passenger told US Customs agents, 'No.'

CBP agriculture specialists inspected the tamales and found pork in them. Anne Maricich is the CBP Acting Director of Field Operations in Los Angeles and she said,'Although tamales are a popular holiday tradition, foreign meat products can carry serious animal diseases from countries affected by outbreaks of Avian Influenza, Mad Cow and Swine Fever.'

US Customs and Border Protection

The unknown passenger was fined $1,000.00 for commercial activity with the intent to distribute. The pork meat tamales were seized and destroyed under CBP supervision. I wonder if they really destroyed them or if the agents at the airport had an early Christmas party.

I say we need to stand up and protest because #TamaleLivesMatter