Everyone’s favorite fresh Mexican food assembly line restaurant has come under scrutiny for its hiring practices with authorities claiming they enlist illegal immigrants and a possible investigation lasting up to 2 years. Some would say the real crime is the eatery’s habit of giving its customers blood-stained underwear.

However, despite its pitfalls and wrongdoing, we can’t resist its charms. We also can’t resist looking at pics of hot girls. If only there were a site that combines the two. Oh wait, there is.

Hot Girls Eating Chipotle‘ is a “blog dedicated to your favorite girls eating your favorite food.” While you might think most hot girls settle for the naked burrito, daintily picking away at their beans or lettuce leaves with their fork, there’s actually a decent number of chicks who go for the gusto and try to python burritos the size of their torso. THOSE are the kind of girls you need to be dating. Just make sure to give them some time to digest and clean up first.

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