At long last, metalheads have a way to communicate in a clear and concise fashion on iOS devices! Gone are those agonizing days of spelling out "Rock on!" and having no option to clearly communicate your feelings through images. The heavy metal emoji keyboard is here!

The metal community is a unique one to say the least and the often dark and obscure humor that comes with the territory had been utterly lost in translation, with a never-ending lot of smiling faces, cute animals and everything else basking in rays of sunshine to choose from. The options have now opened up far beyond happy skulls and you can impose your will with Thor's hammer, conjure the Dark Lord with a dripping, blood-red pentacle and even engage in a sword fight!

At a Lamb of God show? Let your friends know by sending them the emoji of the guy with the with the long grey beard who resembles bassist John Campbell!

The emoji set was designed by Mark Mosley, a renowned promotor in the Nashville, Tenn. area. Partnering with Ryan Clark of Invisible Creature, the two developed the only emoji keyboard entirely dedicated to heavy metal and its beloved imagery. Download the set from the iOS App Store. If your friends use Android, don't worry because you'll still be able to send these to them!

Until now, the best metalheads had were some rogue symbols like the devil horns, a skull and a guitar. The biggest breakthrough came last month when a Zakk Wylde emoji set was released. Wylde's iconic mug was given a few different looks, expressing joy, sorrow, surprise, anger, silliness and more along with speaker cabs, thumbs up and thumbs down, a skull coffee mug and, of course, Wylde playing his signature guitars.

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