Indie developer PlayWay is seeking your help in creating their next game. The Western-themed, turn-based strategy game, Hard West, will become a reality as long as its Kickstarter campaign is successful.

Described as “XCOM In the Weird Wild West,” Hard West takes the familiar elements of turn-based strategy games and applies them to a new setting -- the Old West. Rather than just a “cowboys and Indians” story, Hard West will incorporate horror elements in its narrative and gameplay. As the game’s story progresses, more and more nightmarish elements will infest the game world, corrupting both the landscape and its inhabitants. Players will have plenty of tools to help them deal with the encroaching horrors, like classic weapons that can be upgraded in decidedly historically inaccurate ways, like turning a double-barreled shotgun into a quad-barreled one. Gunslingers will also be able to use their weapons in creative ways, as well, like controlling ricochets and curving bullet trajectories. Even the sun will play a part in gun battles, offering shady corners to hide in and long shadows that reveal enemies’ positions.

With 15 days left, the Kickstarter campaign has almost reached its goal, netting $66,365 of the $70,000 PlayWay needs to complete the project. PlayWay is ready to fully fund the game’s production, but needs to know that there is enough public interest to support the game’s production. With a unique setting, intriguing twists on established, turn-based gameplay and almost 95% of their goal funded, it seems like a safe bet that we’ll be seeing Hard West sometime soon.