Be ready to the fight to the Flood and the Covenant, in a top-down perspective, as Halo: Spartan Assault is finally being released for the Xbox 360.

Microsoft broke the news on Xbox Wire that Spartan Assault is going to be ready to download on the Xbox Live Arcade starting Jan. 31. Furthermore, the Xbox website said that Spartan Assault will be available for $14.99. Gamers who originally bought Spartan Assault for Windows 8 and the Windows Phone 8 before Dec. 15, 2013 can purchase the 360 version of Spartan Assault for the discounted price of $4.99 via their Halo Waypoint account.

It's not Halo 5, or Halo 2: Anniversary Edition, but it should be enough to hold over devout Master Chief fans until 343 Industries reveals the next big console game in the series.