The next title update for Halo 4 is coming soon, Spartans! While you wait, check out the rest of the points in this week's Bulletin.

A post from BS Angel went up on the Halo Waypoint blog, letting the community know about the plans for Halo 4 and giving us a look at some other Halo-centric news. Some of the highlights include a Matchmaking Playlist update, Spartan Ops news, and hints for undiscovered easter eggs in the Campaign.

BS Angel also touches a bit on the Majestic map that 343 Industries is working on, saying that everyone who's playtested it has loved it, and that it's getting lots of praise from the press. Majestic is supposed to be a small map, but one that, "is looking fabulous." We can't wait to run amok in this new playground.

A Matchmaking Playlist update is coming next week, which is presented by the newest member of the Matchmaking Systems Team, Andy Dudynsky! You might know him better as BravoMLG, one of the big names in the Halo community. He updates us on the changes made to the Team Snipers and Shotty Snipers modes, so it'd be wise to brush up on the new settings!

Then there are some hints to find some easter eggs hidden in the campaign, provided by some of the Missions Designers. And as expected, they're pretty cryptic. Chris French clues us in on an easter egg hidden on Mission: Midnight, providing the following hints:

What is it?
A congenial sight.

Where is it?
Lost in the belly of the beast.

We have no idea what that could even mean, but let us know if you've got any inklings!

Check out the rest of the update notes on the blog post itself and watch the video of Bravo being welcomed to the team. He totally sheds some tears of joy and we couldn't be happier for him!