Pearl Jam have one of the most dedicated fan bases in music and several members of that base are rallying their cohorts to create a book that will serve as a tribute to the band.

'To Pearl Jam With Love' will be a collection of stories, love letters, thank you's and artistic tributes to the group by the time it is finished. The organizers of the book are currently seeking input from fans that they'll use to create the final salute to the beloved rockers.

As the website for the book states, "It is about the sharing of moving and inspirational stories and memories, each unique, but at the same time connected to the band and their music. 'To Pearl Jam With Love' are the words and images that make these stories come alive -- stories from everyday fans, fellow musicians, collaborators and those who have experienced firsthand the generosity that seems to flow unending from this band."

To encourage fans to participate, there are submission contests with those offering stories and input being eligible to win specialty Pearl Jam items. The next contest entry deadline is April 27. For details, check out the 'To Pearl Jam With Love' website here.

The website also has details on how to submit your entries and a place where you can donate funds to help financially back the project.

Pearl Jam are currently in the midst of working on their follow-up to the 'Backspacer' album and have a handful of concert appearances scattered through the remainder of the year.