'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson's suspension has ended barely a week after it began, and Ted Nugent is one of the many protesters he can thank for his reinstatement.

According to CNN, A&E has agreed to resume production of the popular reality television show, complete with Robertson, amid a flurry of petitions and protests demanding his return. Robertson, the patriarch of both the show and his family's million-dollar duck hunting equipment empire, had been suspended after making controversial comments about race relations and homosexuality in a GQ magazine interview.

This news no doubt sits well with Nugent, who recently blasted the "politically correct cult of denial" for trying to muzzle his "1st Amendment blood brother" Robertson's right to free speech in a commentary that was posted on WND.

"This is all the result of one of the 'Duck Dynasty' guys, Phil Robertson, stating what he and many millions of Americans believe about the Bible and homosexuals in a GQ magazine interview," the famously outspoken rocker declared. "Welcome to the culture-war party, Phil. State a commonly held belief and watch the other side go ballistic. You will learn to love the line drawn in the sand. I’ve been dancing on it for 50 years."