So yesterday I posted about a few documentaries on Netflix that I loved. Here are a couple that are great documentaries, but be prepared for them to make you angry and maybe even cry. I would compare these to Blackfish, or The Cove. Although both of those, and the first one of these below I can watch again. The second one, I don't think I could watch again.

  1. Dinosaur 13 - This documentary covers the unearthing of the most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, ever. Sounds like it should be a great documentary about the success of these paleontologists, right? Nope. Enter the federal government, the FBI, the National Park Service, The Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the landowner where the bones were discovered Maurice Williams, which leads to a 10 year long battle. It's a good doc, but will make you angry.
  2. Dear Zachary: An Open Letter To A Son About His Father - Oh man. I am warning you now, this one is tough to watch. Really tough. It is a fantastic documentary that will make you not only angry, but also shed a tear. Unless you're dead inside like Buzz. Seriously, don't go into this one lightly. This is one instance where I can say it's okay to get the spoilers ahead of time just so you know what you're getting into. I won't ruin it here, but you can go Google Dr. Andrew Bagby. That should answer all your questions on whether or not you want to check it out. If you feel you can, it's a great. Just know it's not an easy watch.