Let's jump in the way back machine to 1999. Beyond the Mat, a wrestling documentary featuring Terry Funk, MIck Foley, The Rock, and Jake the Snake Roberts hits theaters in October. It's a really gritty look at the behind the scenes happenings of the world of wrestling, including ECW.

One of the main storylines of Beyond the Mat was that of Jake the Snake Roberts. Battling addiction and struggling with his family, it is a very difficult thing to watch, as you see him continue to spiral downward.

Here is the trailer for Beyond the Mat.

And here is also the full movie to watch.

Fast forward to 2008 when footage of a show in Cleveland Jake was performing at.

Another wrestler who went through a real tough time was Scott Hall,  who also had a similar video surface back in 2011.

Don't worry. I know it seems like I'm really bumming you out with all this bad stuff. But this is where The Resurrection of Jake the Snake comes in. I recommend watching Beyond the Mat first, and then following it up with The Resurrection of Jake the Snake. But if you want to jump straight to the good. Go ahead and watch The Resurrection of Jake the Snake. It's available on Netflix.