Some people can make anything creepy. Take Craigslist for example. A seemingly innocent place to sell used shoes and search for questionable jobs, Craigslist is home to some of the creepiest pages on the internet. I wish I could tell you San Angelo didn’t have any creepy Craigslist posts, but I can’t. I can, however, compile those posts into one big creepy list for your viewing pleasure. Can’t believe it? Click the title of each post to see the actual post from Craigslist.

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    Run, Hillary! Run!

    "I have been looking for Hillary Hubbard that attended edison middle school, and central hs or any information, I have been searching for her since 2000 so 12 years please if you know her or what name she goes by let me know so I can finally tell her something I have wanted to tell her since 1998. Thank you and god bless”

    If you’ve been searching for someone for 12 years, they’ve probably changed their name for that exact reason. Look buddy, if I see Hillary I’ll let her know. But, God help you if you don’t have something good to say. After 12 years it better not be anything stupid like, “Your hair is pretty.”.

    Flickr-University of Salford
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    Bargain Breast Pump

    Gag reflex engaged.

    "Lansinoh Affinity double electric breast pump. AC adapter or battery operated. Will include 2 boxes of milk storage bags and 1 opened box of nursing pads.”

    Nothing says “I’m ready for parenthood” like buying a used breast pump.

    Craigslist User
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    Lost in Logan's

    “You were my server tonight, and I really enjoyed talking. I was interested in you, but wasn't sure if it was mutual. If for some crazy reason you read this, please reply with anything we talked about. I remember! I am the one from out of town ... That should tell you who I am! Hope to hear from you soon.”

    I bet he thinks bartenders are genuinely interested in how his day is going, too.

    Look, creeper- Go back to the restaurant, ask to sit in a section next to hers. If she comes to talk to you, she’s into you. If she walks by you five times, she’s not. Don’t be surprised if it’s the second one.

    Flickr- emilio labrador
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    Where’s the Beef-cake?

    Honestly, the best part about this post is the title, “Who has bigger meat”.

    The second best part? This guy fell in love with someone with a funny shirt.

    "Hey I'm not sure what your name is, but I see you at that burger spot all the time when I go out to lunch. I saw what the back of your shirt said and it made me laugh. Not sure if you are into guys, but if so reply back to this add. By the way I LOVE your goatee... Hope to hear from you soon.”

    That’s exactly why I wear my “I will shank you” shirt in public.

    Flickr- avlxyz
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    Free Panties to a Good Home

    You know, I was just saying the other day how expensive Victoria’s Secret is. Good thing I just found Victor’s secret.

    "in short im a guy with a major panty fetish but its time to let the collection go. I have over 200 pairs all shapes and sizes. if you want them they are yours and i will even deliver them. let me know.”

    Well, his secret is out now. He’s going to make an up-and-coming creeper very happy with the option of free delivery.

    Flickr- Modernista! Amsterdam