is quite a handy site. In addition to finding a job or an apartment, readers can also find a man seeking a woman to have his child with no strings attached. That's right: an ad placed to the Washington, D.C. Craigslist seeks a woman who can give a man a child. After the man gets his baby, he doesn't care if the woman stays and "sits around (his) house all day long doing nothing" or "leaves if (she) wants."

The Craigslist ad is entitled "Have a baby for me," and it's spectacularly weird. Here it is below in its entirety:

Have a baby for me
I want to have a child. I will take care of and support any woman who can give me a child. After I get you pregnant you can sit around my house all day long doing nothing, living in my house rent free. I will support your interest weather that be sitting around watching TV all day or going back to college for a degree. I can even support financially or any other way i am able to. After the child is born you can even leave if you want or you can stay, i just want to have a child to raise. Get in to contact with me if you want to talk about this. This will be very negotiable.

Very negotiable, indeed! While this ad could certainly have been placed by some well-intentioned guy who is just hearing his biological clock ticking, the presumptions and condescension included in the ad copy are not going to get him a willing baby mama anytime soon. It's probably why he's struggled to get laid in the first place. We'd love to read the responses he's received since placing the ad. The Internet is usually very understanding of this sort of request.