Courtney Love doing something crazy isn’t exactly breaking news. If anything, music fans may find themselves going through withdrawals if more than a month goes by without an update on Love’s ‘eccentric’ actions. Today in ‘Courtney Love Crazy News,’ the artist’s former assistant Jessica LaBrie claims that in addition to holding back LaBrie’s pay, Love attempted to have the assistant take care of some “unethical requests.”

LaBrie is currently suing Courtney Love for unpaid compensation from LaBrie’s year-long stint as Love’s assistant. According to various news sources, LaBrie was hired as an administrative assistant and “forensic research aide.” She was promised $30 an hour plus bonuses and tuition payments for her Yale education.

LaBrie was allegedly suffering from headaches, insomnia and other undisclosed medical conditions as a result of the stressful assistant job, which would force her to work 60-hour weeks. After apparently being owed thousands in unpaid wages, overtime and expenses for business trips, LaBrie reportedly was forced to resign due to Love’s refusal to pay the assistant’s back wages.

LaBrie and her attorney claim Courtney Love withheld the assistant’s salary due to LaBrie’s negation to forge legal documents and hire a computer hacker for Love. According to Rolling Stone, LaBrie is currently suing Love for wrongful termination, breach of contract, intentional inflicted emotional stress, negligent misrepresentation and failure to pay wages and overtime.

However, it should be noted that LaBrie is in the process of writing a tell-all book about her experiences with Love, which is tentatively titled ‘Get Me a Xanax.’