We've talked about clickbait a few times this week. It isn't going away anytime soon as far as I can tell. No matter how much Facebook would like to limit how many people see clickbait stories.

I ended up seeing this story as I was getting ready for the show and the headline is incredibly misleading.

Lawmaker who opposed universal helmet law dies in motorcycle crash

That is pulled exactly from the CNN story. So you'd think that maybe it's karma. It's a tragic story about a man passing away in a motorcycle accident, but he probably wasn't wearing his helmet.

You'd be wrong. It doesn't take long to get to that part of the story either. But CNN knows if they make it seem like a man who opposed making wearing helmets mandatory, wasn't wearing a helmet, they'll get more clicks on the story. Now you can check the story, or you can take my word for it and not give CNN credit for a misleading headline.