Oh yeah, this is no joke. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie just vetoed a bill that would have denied gun licenses to anyone who has been convicted of a gang related crime, carjacking, racketeering and even terrorist threats.

Now let me be perfectly clear in this. I am pro gun. I don't own any (yet), but I love going shooting, and believe in responsible gun ownership. Almost all of my friends hunt, and abide by the law and there are no issues with them having guns. Quite frankly one of our favorite things to do is go skeet shooting.

However, there is a line that needs to be drawn when it comes to gun ownership. And I'm pretty sure well over that line is giving the okay to anyone who has been convicted of gang related crime, carjacking, racketeering or terrorist threats to legally own a gun.

You might think this was a political move of some sort. If it was, it doesn't seem to make much sense. The bill A4182, passed with zero opposition. That was a 68-0 in the Assembly with 8 abstentions, and 37-0 in the Senate. So that's Democrats and Republicans alike, voting on this bill with overwhelming majority.

So think about this... This bill passed with no one voting against it. Yet it was vetoed by Christie. And this guy is still running for President of the United States.