This fantastic pair of Golden Globes doesn't belong to a Golden Globes winner, but she is on a very popular TV show that might one day earn the star the actual trophy. Before she went for broke on TV, she appeared in several popular films. Her breakout role was on 'Sex and The City' where she did, oh who knows, we never watched that crap. She stared in movies with virgins, gods, bunnies and even a guy in drag.

Many men will marvel at her fantastic cleavage but this actress is also a video blogger. She comes from smart stock - her mother is a poet and speech therapist and her father a molecular pharmacologist and college professor. She was home schooled because of her acting roles, and her parents weren't really sold on her career choice at the start, calling it "the worst idea ever." Luckily, she is now a success, and wearing dresses like the one above was "the best idea ever." We're not going to wait 40 years to tell you the answer, so check out who is attached to that phenomenal rack.