He doesn't really deny it, but I don't think he understands how old he really is. Buzz's actual age puts him in the Generation X category. But he aligns more with the Baby Boomers than previously thought. Here are some of the things that point to Buzz being older than his actual age:

  • He hates texting. He would honestly rather call me from his house with crappy service than just text. We end up spending 5 minutes trying to figure out what the other person is saying and ultimately end up texting anyway. But he, for some reason, still feels the need to call.
  • He only checks his email at work. We could have something crucial happen that needs attention that requires an email to multiple people, but he won't see it until the next time he's at work. And even that's iffy, because he deletes more emails than he reads.
  • He refuses to learn how to use Netflix, etc. It's rather simple. I've set it up at his house and shown him how to do it multiple times. I set it up through his XBOX, but he keeps streaming it through his Blu Ray player. Which ends up stalling and buffering on him. Then he tells me I never showed him how to get it on his XBOX. This leads me to my next point...
  • His memory is horrible. He forgets things all the time. There's a reason I need to be cc'd on all emails about anything important on the show. He will forget what is in the email, if he even reads it. He has to be told at least 10-15 times about events coming up, and still never remembers the details.
  • He's going deaf. This actually causes problems on the show because his headphones are turned up so loud, that if he turns his head, it causes feedback. Most of the time if you're listening on your radio, you can't hear it. But we can in the studio and it's incredibly distracting.

All these points lead to Buzz being older than his age actually shows. And we didn't even get into the whole Gordon Lightfoot thing.