It's May 4th! May the Fourth be with you, everybody! Here at the Buzz Adams Morning Show, we don't hold back when we celebrate Intergalactic Star Wars Day. Our party consisted of "Han-burgers", "Mace Windu Margaritas" and "Princess Leia's (Honey) Buns".

Also, lightsaber fights. Lots and lots of lightsaber fights. And then getting fussed for having lightsaber fights in the halls and knocking stuff down. I also accidentally used Force Lightning on Dubba G's computer, too.

Sorry, man.

Oh, and then we tried to use Jedi Mind Tricks on our boss to get time off. Turns out, he's surprisingly open to it. We don't want to speculate about what that means for our boss. Mostly because we don't have to, right? Anyway, we think he's taken his first steps into a larger world.