News of a busty burglar known as the ‘Buxom Bandit’ first broke July 2nd after a security camera caught the 22 year old blonde brandishing a knife and snatching money from the cashier with her bare hand, all while not wearing a mask. She recently turned herself into authorities, which means we now have a name to put to the funbags – Tonee Walker.

So far, we’ve only been able to find her Facebook profile, which has less than a handful of pics, one being a blurry mobile upload and another from a potential modeling portfolio? She and the getaway driver turned themselves in on Friday, July 6th. The derp-y duo were charged with armed robbery and stealing then denied bail due to erratic behavior most likely due to her alcohol and drug problems. Judging by this video, she’s not too fazed by her fate.

All signs point to her being a hellcat in the sack. Just hide all sharp objects and make sure to tie her down. It’ll end up looking like the scene from ‘The Exorcist.’