The second video from Bruce Springsteen‘s new album, ‘Wrecking Ball‘ has been released. It’s the emotional centerpiece of the album, ‘Rocky Ground,’ which is a bit of a sonic departure for Springsteen.

As opposed to the surging, angry sound of the first single, ‘We Take Care of Our Own,’ ‘Rocky Ground’ is mournful and reflective. It’s built around a drum loop and a 1942 field recording by famed archivist Alan Lomax. Gospel singer Michelle Moore, who has been on tour with Springsteen performing ‘Rocky Ground,’ sings the title line and contributes a 16-bar rap in the middle. Horns and a percussive wah-wah pedal guitar are added for effect.

But there’s also a sense of optimism in the lyrics, which use Biblical imagery, that we can overcome our current troubles through our senses of faith and community. Its themes are brought home by the video, which, apart from one shot, is in black-and-white. slow-motion depictions of Americana are set in the background while the song’s lyrics are written out on a legal pad in various hands.

The video was directed by Thom Zimny, who has worked with Springsteen on a number of projects and also edited ‘The Wire’ television series.

Watch the Video for Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Rocky Ground’