In an interview with Eurogamer, Irrational Games' creative director Ken Levine talks about Elizabeth's companion A.I. and how they want her to be the best partner since Half-Life 2's Alyx Vance.

BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth gets the spotlight in the interview as Ken Levine goes into detail regarding her companion A.I. and how she'll interact with the player through the character, Booker DeWitt. One of Irrational's goals was to create, "a believable, likeable character that reacted to the world around her and to the player's actions."

The interview reveals how Elizabeth evolved from the A.I. of BioShock's Big Daddies and Little Sisters, who were non-player characters capable of navigating the game world with autonomy, able to take on their own actions regardless of whether or not the player interacted with them. Because of this, Elizabeth can engage Booker in conversation, offer up supplies, revive him when he falls, and react to the world around her.

One of the biggest challenges was making Elizabeth a likeable character that could help the player, instead of being dead weight on an escort question. Levine said, "But also, we determined early on making her your partner in the experience, not just an observer, her throwing you weapons and supplies, to make the player feel she is there for them, not either a burden, somebody you protect, or a parallel, like a kill-stealer, which quite a lot of A.I.'s do. We determined right away she wasn't going to do anything the player did, that Booker and Elizabeth were going to do totally different things in the world. There's no overlap, because why should there be overlap? What's the point? Why doesn't the player do it?”

Levine also talks about the decision to include Elizabeth in the game, since there was a lot of talk of cutting her. But since he wears the boss-pants, he had the final say and Elizabeth made it through to the final project.

Check out the whole interview on Eurogamer and take a look at another interview with Levine in the video below. BioShock Infinite is still slated for a March 26th, 2013 release, so keep it tuned here for any updates on the game.