Axl Rose has played all over the world with Guns N' Roses during the last 25 years, but he's never been able to welcome India to the jungle -- until now, that is.

With GNR's first India date lined up for Dec. 12 in Delhi, Rose sat down for a chat with the Times of India to discuss his plans for the trip. "I've always wanted to play in India," he explained. "We've tried to make that happen, but for whatever reasons it just didn't work out. We're all looking forward to coming there and performing for everyone."

Given that this is the band's first trip to a nation full of historic sites, Rose was asked whether he had plans to do any sightseeing while he's in India. "That would be great! I'm sure the rest of the guys and crew will visit some other places," he responded before explaining that his duties as chief Gun and/or Rose might keep him from joining in the fun. "If I'm lucky, I'll be able to. Mostly I focus on the shows, but if I have time, I'm excited to explore India. I'm interested in having a personal, first-hand understanding of spirituality and religion as well as politics and government in India."

Rose's excitement cooled a little, however, when his interviewer asked if his curiosity about India's spiritual culture extended to past life regression, pointing out that his Wikipedia page lists it as one of his interests. "I'm not sure that what I personally believe or not is really out there publicly," replied a seemingly rankled Rose. "Lots of people say and twist things, and have done so over the years for their own purposes based on gossip, hearsay, unsubstantiated media nonsense and even outright lies, especially when money may be involved and/or if they're trying to make problems for others. I do like to explore and consider lots of different concepts, ideologies, belief systems, religions, etc., and have an understanding of what others feel, think or believe, but in my opinion, ultimately what one 'believes' is their own business."