Can you dig it? Why, yes, you can … if you’re at the 14th annual Archeology Fair on Sept. 28 at Fort Concho.
Sponsored by the Concho Valley Archeology Society, the free event from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. gives guests of all ages and interests the chance to experience the diversity of cultures of long-ago inhabitants of the region.

Hands-on activities include digging for “clues in the dirt,” metal detecting, and making baskets and medicine bags. Other offerings will focus on flint-knapping, prehistoric food preparation (with edible samples), lace-making, gourd and pottery painting, spinning, fire-starting, basket-weaving, the shooting of bows and arrows, and atlatl-throwing.

The fort is located at 630 S. Oakes St. The archeology fair will be in the barracks courtyard near the back of the Fort Concho grounds, across from the stables.

For more information, call (325) 657-4441.