The information in this story was sent by our friends at 1st Community Federal Credit Union.
Well, the thieves are getting smarter.  They waited for a holiday when all the financial institutions were closed and then they sent out the phishing message that is shown below.  We have heard from both 1st Community members and non-members that they have received the text.
We have placed the following message on 1st Community's Internet banking site and we will post it on FACEBOOK also.  The public is getting more savvy about these phishing scams, but there will always be a few people who will enter their informaton before they think about what they are doing.  If one of our members responds with their debit card information, they need to call the credit union immediately.  Our first message on our after hours phone system addresses debit cards that are lost or stolen and it will connect them with the personnel who can immediately cancel their card.
WARNING - July 4th Phishing Scam
Members and non-members of 1st Community are receiving text messages telling them
their debit card has been blocked and in order to unlock their card they
must enter their card information on the screen. DO NOT enter any information!
Financial institutions already have all your information.  They would never request you to
enter your information. If you did respond to the text with your information, please call 325/653-1465 and listen to the prompts so you can report this fraud on your card.