Anne Vyalitsyna and Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine have broken up. Celebration begins….mmmm now.

We don’t watch ‘The Voice’, so we’re not sure what kind of judge of talent Adam Levine is, but if he were a defendant in the case of Anne Vyalitsyna vs. Notoriously Douche-y Front Man for World’s Second Worst Band (Winner = Nickelback), Levine would not be deemed mentally fit to stand trial. Our guess is that a jury of his peers would return a verdict of “delusional” and sentence him to life without leather pants and skinny ties for breaking it off with such a fine specimen.

Vyalitsyna should be happy Levine is officially dosvedanyaed (we may have made that word up). He clearly didn’t deserve her affections and now she can focus on finding herself a man that understands that having moves like “Mick Jagger” more likely means you get up 1,754,293 times in the middle of the night to pee and that ain’t very rock and roll.