We’re less than a week away from seeing Christopher Nolan’s spectacular Bat-trilogy franchise come to a close with the release of the hotly anticipated ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ opening June 20. The new flick finds Batman matching fists with a new movie villain, Tom Hardy’s Bane, and matching wits with a brand new Catwoman, played by the lovely Anne Hathaway.

Over the past several years, Hathaway has proven to be an extremely versatile actress, showing off her comic timing in comedies like ‘Get Smart’ and the ‘Bride Wars’ as well as her considerable range as a dramatic actress in films like ‘Rachel Getting Married’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain.’ We also got up close and personal with her in ‘Love and Other Drugs,’ in which she appeared nude … a lot.

We’re looking forward to seeing Hathaway slip in to that skintight leather cat suit – and hopefully kick some ass — for ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’ Hathaway is a beautiful, leggy Hollywood babe who joins a great fraternity of hot actresses who have played Batman’s sexiest frenemy. She definitely was a surprise pick for the role, but we think she’s got the skills and the look to pull it off. What do you think?