Chances are you've heard a little bit lately about Syrian refugees coming to the US. It's a bit of a hot topic. Some say let them in. Some say don't. Some of those that say don't, are threatening to move to Canada if the US does let in Syrian refugees.

Now this isn't the first time an American has threatened to move to Canada over something. I've had Liberal friends threaten to move to Canada when Bush the second was elected, both times. I've also had Conservative friends threaten the same thing when Obama was elected, both times.

Funny thing is, all those friends are still here in the US. However, I haven't heard a friend threaten to move to Canada if we allow in Syrian refugees. And I'm very grateful for this because I'm a firm believer that you can get an idea about the kind of person someone is by the company they keep. And thankfully my friends aren't this stupid, because guess what they'll see in Canada when they get there. Yup, Syrian refugees. And yet there are still people threatening to move to Canada if we allow in Syrian refugees.

Canada won't reach its goal in the amount that they wanted to let in. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged to resettle 25,000 refugees by December 31st, but they have said that 10,000 is a more reasonable number because they want to take extra time and do it right. But yes, they are still allowing in Syrian refugees.

So am I writing this as a pro-Liberal or pro-Conservative stance on allowing refugees into the US? Nope. It's a warning. Take a look at your friends and see if they are dumb enough to make this claim about moving to Canada if we let in Syrian refugees. If they are, it might be time to reevaluate that relationship.