Summer is here! The season of short shorts, hot, gin-soaked days, and beach party debauchery (Yes we like to think of summer as a non-stop Nelly video)! When we’re not chillin’ out maxin’ and relaxin’ all cool by the beach (Because we totally do that, like, all the time) we’ll be indoors soothing our sun-baked brains with the warming glow of the new summer TV season.

We’re looking forward to catching the new flock of fun, breezy summer shows and new episodes of our favorite returning summer series. One of the biggest reasons we’ll be keeping a close eye on the tube this summer is to catch a few glimpses of ‘Warehouse 13’ hottie Allison Scagliotti in action.

Just like Claudia, the brassy, sharp-witted hacker she portrays on the offbeat Syfy series, Scagliotti is smart, sexy, funny, and totally cool. The 21-year-old actress, who is currently campaigning for the lead role in a movie adaptation of indie comic ‘Hack/Slash,’ is a lover of all things punk rock and an unabashed fan of all of our nerdier obsessions — like comic books, video games and gadgetry – which only makes her seem even more desirable in our eyes.

Scagliotti started acting when she was a kid. After a billion bit parts in Disney Channel shows and made-for-TV movies, she landed the role of Claudia on ‘Warehouse 13’ in 2009, quickly adding a much-needed spark of wit and energy to the show’s first season.

Claudia has become a fan favorite, and Scagliotti has earned a place in our geek cutie catalog alongside sexy nerd girls like Felicia Day and Morgan Webb. Word is she’s getting more screen time than ever on ‘Warehouse 13’ this season (Station!), which premieres in July.