The folks at Aerie, the lingerie branch of American Eagle, have done something pretty unique with their marketing. Sure, there are hot girls in undies, but can you tell what's different?

It turns out that all of the girls in their ads aren't super air-brushed or touched up at all. They're all women of different shapes, sizes, skin color and complexions who appear in the ads without any extra work done to their appearances.

And because they've gone au naturel, Aerie is pushing its "the real you is sexy" marketing campaign. They've also modeled their different bras and panties on different girls so that women of all body types can see how the underwear would look on them. We give them major props for this move, because nothing is sexier on a woman than confidence.

If you know of any ladies who are badass in their own right, send them over to this site, where they can submit their own sexy and confident photos to #aeriereal.