AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd just had another brush with the law, as the musician was taken to Tauranga police station in handcuffs in a police car. The musician appeared in court today, where he was cited for breaching his bail after an incident Thursday morning in which he apparently had a confrontation with a potential witness in his upcoming trial.

According to New Zealand's Stuff publication, an eyewitness spotted Rudd being placed in a police car after a morning incident (Dec. 4) outside a coffee shop in a shopping center.

Staff at the shop stated that Rudd was in a dispute with "a huge guy" who appeared to have been the drummer's former security guard. Apparently, the man told Rudd, "I don't work for you anymore," and Rudd got confrontational before the man pushed the drummer in the chest forcing him to fall backwards. From there, the eyewitness stated that Rudd "went nuts."

Another eyewitness explained to the New Zealand Herald, "He was out and bloody dancing around and carrying on and … led back to the cop car and was driven away."

Apparently, two cars were pulled over by police, after one car was chasing the other. Rudd was eventually detained outside the Tauranga Girls' College. Video footage can be seen of Rudd being handcuffed by police here.

Rudd was not arrested, but he was taken into court where his lawyer acknowledged that Rudd breached his bail agreement by having contact with potential witnesses in his upcoming trial. The judge set a new bail that called for a new condition in which Rudd is not allowed to consume illegal drugs, explaining that the drummer's behavior has been erratic.

The musician's lawyer said of the Thursday morning incident, "It was a meeting with somebody he wasn't meant to associate with in a shop. It was a chance meeting and then there was contact from that."

It's been an eventful few months for Rudd, who has recently been in court for allegedly "threatening to kill" another man and for alleged possession of methamphetamine and cannabis. He is due back in court on Feb. 10 to face those charges. Rudd had also been charged with hiring a hitman to commit a murder, but that charge was quickly dropped.

The rocker's lawyer entered a "not guilty" plea to the charges earlier this week and it was revealed that Rudd would likely face a "judge-alone" trial next year.

Though Rudd did drum on the newly released AC/DC album 'Rock or Bust,' his future with the band remains cloudy. After his string of recent legal issues, the group revealed the trouble they had getting Rudd to the studio and admitted that the rocker needs to "sort himself out" before continuing. AC/DC have already announced their intent to tour in 2015 regardless of Rudd's status.

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