While National Teacher's Day isn't an official holiday, we all know that it should be. Teachers, and anyone in the field of education, are hardworking, dedicated folks who are trying to improve their student's lives.

National Teacher's Day is unofficially recognized on the first Tuesday in May, but National Teacher Appreciation Week runs the entire first week of May. So, you have a full 5 days to show all those awesome teachers how much you truly value what they are trying to do for your.

I promise, once you get older you'll realize just how important a good, solid education is, and how hard those teachers worked to make sure you learned something, even though you tried your hardest not to. All those bathroom breaks ring a bell?

Either way, thank a teacher today, and enjoy our top 6 songs about teachers and school.

Bowing for Soup 'High School Never Ends'

The Ramones 'Rock & Roll High School

Alice Cooper 'School's Out'

Pink Floyd 'Another Brink in the Wall'

Motley Crue 'Smoking in the Boy's Room'

Van Halen 'Hot for Teacher'