A new Burger King commercial looks to tie their food in with your summer traditions. The one-minute ad uses Dire Straits‘ 1985 Top Ten hit, ‘Walk of Life.’

The spot, called ‘BBQ Day,’ contains footage of people having fun in the outdoors, activities like swimming in backyard pools, Little League baseball games and enjoying fireworks. In perhaps a nod to the success of the Instagram app, it has a washed-out, retro look to it, even though the actors are wearing modern-looking clothes and, in one shot, using a cell phone.

“Smile America,” the superimposed text begins. “It’s barbecue day. A day you look forward to. A day that lightens your mood. A day to taste great food and enjoy great company.” That great food, of course, comes courtesy not of your backyard grill, but from your nearby Burger King restaurant, which makes several appearances throughout the commercial.

‘Walk of Life’ was the third single in America from Dire Straits’ smash hit album, ‘Brothers in Arms.’ The song is about a busker singing oldies in the subway looking for his big break. Its rockabilly feel meshed with synthesizers and a glossy production to create something that felt both old and new at the same time.

Watch Burger King’s ‘BBQ Day’ Commercial featuring Dire Straits’ ‘Walk of Life’