Rocktober is just beginning downtown at The Deadhorse. Featuring musicians and the 2015 Halloween bash. There is something to suit your spooky needs this October.

You can listen to 96.5 The Rock for "The Deadhorse hour" every Saturday from 9pm-10pm.

Oct. 9 - Rain on the Aftermath
Oct. 10 - Guatch and Embrace the Machine
Oct. 15 - High Seas Adventure, The First Part, and Sounds of the Curves
Oct. 16 - Rhythm Dragons
Oct. 17 - Tiffany and The Lump
Oct. 21 - Thunderpull, Dozer TX, Ugly Twin, and White Collar Sideshow
Oct. 23 - Seviin, The Roaming Sliders
Oct. 24 - Trashy and The Kid
Oct. 30 - Obscure Oracle
Oct. 31 - Halloween Bash with DJ dollaz

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    Rain on the Aftermath

    Rain on the Aftermath is a powerhouse in the San Antonio music scene, with hard hitting guitar riffs, an intricate rhythm section, and one of the most powerful female vocalists to come out of the River City. Since 2011, they have played countless shows, and have opened up for the likes of Flyleaf, Mushroomhead, Trapt, Hawthorne Heights, Tantric, and more.

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    In winter of 2012, three musicians from two different Abilene, Tx bands began experimenting on the side of their respected current projects. Bassist Keith Sparks was laying down the funk in local rock band Victim Of The Fall, while guitarist Jacob Gonzalez and bassist Levi Smith were thrashing out in their metal band Leland Gaunt.

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    Embrace the Machine

    Embrace the Machine originally formed in 2013 as a side-project for several of the members. After only a few jam sessions, the band became a full-time thing. Now we are determined to bring something unique to Texas; the next steps are limitless.

    Courtesy Reverbnation
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    High Seas Adventure

    Coming to you out of San Angelo, TX, High Seas Adventure is an experience of layers and textures born from the band's diverse background of musical influences. Grunge, punk rock, early indie/emo, Edge style effects, and even a little metal come together in a blend that everyone can enjoy.

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    The First Part

    Formed in the Spring of 2013 by former JILL and QUIMBY drummer Matthew Johnston, THE FIRST PART serves as a vehicle for Johnston's power-pop sensitive melodies driven by equally hooky guitar riffs. Joining him are Jimmy Moore on bass and Matt Taylor on drums. Together the trio are garnering a buzz with their blazing live sets. In 2014 the band teamed up with engineer Gary Laney (R.E.M.'s Document) to record their debut EP.

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    Sounds of the Curve

    The sound of curves is what happens when a path is unforeseeable or requires a distinct avenue to bring insight. In this instance, five individuals have come together to explore a musical journey that is yet to be traveled. From quiet San Antonio nights, the sound of curves have echoed their voices to bring the music and people they love together. There are no restraints or limits to a style to adhere to; instead, there is only the live subtle energy and evolving danceable grooves that shape this group. “so go and take shape”.

    Courtesy Reverbnation
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    Rhythm Dragons

    Rhythm Dragons are the #1 Rockabilly band in Arizona but also infuse Swing, Punk, Jazz, Surf, Country and Americana into their performances . The new album, “Billy 3.0” features the hit the songs “Rave With My Baby” & "Feb. 3rd 1959". On the way up with one the finest Rockabilly guitarist in the nation and Social D’s legendary drummer! The band will celebrate its 16th Anniversary this year with the release of their 11th album, "Billy 3.0"!
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    Tiffany and The Lump

    Tiffany And The Lump is a highly energetic, sometimes inappropriate, always entertaining, contemporary rock band from San Angelo, TX. Influenced by 90's rock and a love of entertaining, Tiffany and the Lump captivates with soulful sweet vocals, while also bringing the funk.

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    Plowing through with riffs and a non-stop drummer, the facebook page matches the sound. Intense and non-stop. Be prepared to keep going and going, because these guys never give up.

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    Dozer TX

    Give this band a good listen, we just did and it's pretty good stuff.
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    Ugly Twin

    UGLYTWIN is a three piece hardcore band from Austin Texas. Starting as The Brigade in 2009 as an idea and has grown into a full on force to deal with. Pooling their influences ranging from late 90's metalcore to chaos metal and southern hardcore, UGLYTWIN’s sound has become one that is distinctly theirs, and increasingly hard to categorize or pin down. Their music is passionate, hard and unpredictable, with each new song is an attempt to stretch creatively and find the balance between brutality and hope.

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    White collar Sideshow

    Established in 2006 and living like cowboys and gypsies ever since, White Collar Sideshow is an Arkansas Shock-n-Roll band that has captivated audiences around the globe!
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    Straying from the path of ordinary & cliché, SeVIIn delivers unpredictable, hard-hitting, storyteller rock. Their unique sound stems from the band's vast influences, which range from Johnny Cash to Slipknot and all walks in between. With clear minds and an unrelenting work ethic, mediocrity doesn't exist. After their intense live show, a listener will feel like they have lived every unapologetic note coming through the speakers. And when the last note is played and the sustain turns into a memory, you're sure to find 3 hearts left bleeding on the stage.

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    Trashy and The Kid

    TATK combines the same old randiness, sarcasm, and smartass humor with thick undercurrents of loss, desire, battle-worn optimism and barely-concealed rage, to make pop-rock anthems and punk-metal shredfests that never overstay their welcome but stay with you way past your bedtime. NEVER SLEEP. TATK

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    Obscure Oracle

    Obscure Oracle is a diversely influenced thrash metal band hailing from the Lone Star State. The band was formed by guitarist Danny David. His former experience as a member and songwriter for Demonstruction helped influence the unique sound of the band. Due to Danny previously working with vocalist Rusty Bartholomeo in a different band, he called for Rusty to be the lead vocalist and write the lyrical content for the band.

    For their first album, “Roots of Existence,” Obscure Oracle combined progressive metal, thrash metal, and death metal to create the album’s hybrid sound. Through their years of progression, from their first gig in 2012 to now, Obscure Oracle’s sound has shifted into pure thrash metal. The shift can be heard in their 2015 EP, “In Death We Trust.”

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